Rising from the ashes of my first attempt at putting my thoughts on gaming out there, this blog is my attempt to synchronize my two passions: tabletop RPGs and my faith. I was first bit by the “DM bug” when I picked up the D&D3.5 core rulebooks back in 2007 and it got me a rough introductory heroic tier 4th Edition game and then through a two and a half year 4E campaign (levels 1-30), and now I’m excited about where the hobby is going. I love trying new games and make up house rules to really own my home game. I have been a Christian since I was young and am currently studying in seminary to become a pastor and work within the Christian church. My faith informs how I make decisions, how I live my life, and touches many aspects of my life, so why couldn’t it have a place at my gaming table too?

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