Blog Challenge A-Z 2014

This past April, I decided to take a challenge on and write a blog post for every day of the month (except Sundays) which started with a descending letter of the alphabet. For my challenge, I decided to use concepts from either the Bible or church history and find inspiration for some kind of roleplaying concept for each letter. It was an astonishing amount of work, but it was pretty fun too. I’m glad I spent the time working on this and I wanted to collect all the data I put together to share in one easy place.

A is for Angel

B is for Bears

C is for Covenant

D is for David

E is for Enoch

F is for Flood

G is for Giants

H is for Hell

I is for Inquisition

J is for Joseph

K is for Kings

L is for Leviathan

M is for Moses

N is for Names

O is for Offerings

P is for Plagues

Q is for Quiet Voice

R is for Resurrection

S is for Saints

T is for Tests

U is for Uriah

V is for Vineyard

W is for Wine

X is for Xerxes

Y is for YHWH

Z is for Zealots

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