April 2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge

A-Z Challenge 2014I’m not one to generally jump into fad things or blog roll ideas, but I had been looking for something to challenge me and I love taking on disciplines that push me so I thought I’d give
the A-Z Blogging challenge a try this April.

Basically over the month of April, I’m going to try to post every day except Sunday (so 26 days) and each day I’ll have a post titled for a different letter of the alphabet. I think this is going to be a bit of a challenging endeavor.

To give my challenge form and direction, I’m going to focus on finding some kind of inspiration for my games that comes from my faith tradition. I’m a Christian and the stories of the Bible and from the history of the Church can lend themselves to some really interesting adventure and character ideas. I’ve actually used many concepts or names from the Bible in my games in the past and I think it can have a very fulfilling place at my game table.

So I’m going to try my hardest to stay on top of this, and I’ve already got some fun ideas of where to go with some of the letters. So let’s see how this works.

EDIT: Here’s a total list of all the posts after the A-Z Challenge ended.


A is for Angel

B is for Bears

C is for Covenant

D is for David

E is for Enoch

F is for Flood

G is for Giants

H is for Hell

I is for Inquisition

J is for Joseph

K is for Kings

L is for Leviathan

M is for Moses

N is for Names

O is for Offerings

P is for Plagues

Q is for Quiet Voice

R is for Resurrection

S is for Saints

T is for Tests

U is for Uriah

V is for Vineyard

W is for Wine

X is for Xerxes

Y is for YHWH

Z is for Zealots

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